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Considerations When Buying Home Insurance

If you are considering housing insurance and want to choose the right one, you can learn all the details by browsing this content.

Home insurance, which is one of the most important living areas, is among the services of many insurance companies as it is widely used. However, as in all matters, some details should be taken into account when purchasing home insurance. If you are considering taking out home insurance and want to choose the right one, you can learn all the details by browsing this content.

Home insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that protects your home, your primary living space, and therefore protects you and your loved ones. Housing insurance that covers your living spaces against fire, theft, terrorism, accidents and many other negative situations ensures that you can overcome even the most difficult situations.

Housing insurance prices may vary depending on the coverage they provide and additional services. Even if there are service differences between insurance companies, the basic housing insurance package usually consists of fire cover. However, you can expand the coverage if you wish, theft of your home, flood, you can also insure against situations such as storms.

What should be paid attention to housing insurance?

  • The first detail to know about housing insurance tips; insurance prices may vary depending on the province and district where the structure is located. The same insurance company may apply different pricing policies for the same service in a different province and district. In addition, details such as number of floors, type of building may affect the premium amount.
  • It should be known that the goods in the house are not covered by housing insurance; If the goods at the address are to be secured, property insurance should be added to the policy besides housing insurance.
  • Konut sigortaları, yapının satış fiyatını değil; inşa bedelini baz alır. Evinizi inşa bedeli üzerinden değil de satış fiyatı üzerinden sigortalatmak isterseniz daha fazla prim tutarı ödemeniz gerekir.
  • “What to do to get discounted housing insurance?” If you think that there are different ways. For example; If your home has an alarm system, this may provide an advantage in terms of insurance price. In addition, as in the case of housing insurance, non-damage reduction can be applied.

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